Extend your life by increasing the enzymes in your body

//Extend your life by increasing the enzymes in your body

Human survival depends on many things, oxygen, water, food, shelter and sleep. Most people are totally unaware of another primary requirement – ENZYMES! The body makes its own enzymes, some of which are responsible for breaking down the food we eat into the nutrients we require to survive and grow – they are digestive enzymes. Other enzymes circulate throughout the body producing hormones, regulating body waste secretions, managing inflammation, balancing pH and destroying pathogens. Without enzymes we would be dead.

As we age, the numbers of enzymes in our body drop by about 13% every 10 years following puberty. We see the results in impaired digestion, low energy, various diseases and pain in our body. (It is worth noting that over the counter medications can also block enzyme activity).

It takes a lot of energy to create enzymes – this is part of the reason you feel tired after a big meal as your body needs to work extra hard to digest the food.

It therefore makes sense that by eating less it may preserve your limited potential to make enzymes and therefore help you to live longer.

Another way is to increase the number of enzymes you need so that your body does not have to make them all by itself.

You need to understand that LIVE food has a lot of enzymes which means that it breaks down easily into the building blocks for your body. PROCESSED food has had most of the enzymes removed to give it a longer shelf life. For this reason – if you are over 50 and you eat a lot of processed food you cannot rely on getting all the enzymes you need from your FOOD and it would be beneficial to take Digestive Enzyme supplements before your main meals.

The second type of enzymes are known as Systemic or Proteolytic enzymes. The scarcity of these enzymes is the reason behind increased inflammation and chronic pain which are the red flags for more serious diseases like Diabetes, Heart Disease and Arthritis which are prevalent as we get older.

They reduce systemic inflammation, improve immune response and blood flow, clean blood and lymph systems of old debris, dissolve blood clots, reduce susceptibility to allergies and improves recovery time from injuries. You take these in between meals.

If you want to live longer and avoid chronic pain and illness, eat less, cut right back on processed food and over the counter medication, eat more fibre especially local grown fresh fruit and vegetables and introduce Enzymes – YOUR BODY WILL THANK YOU.

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